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Sony HDW-250 (Used)
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Sony HDW-250 (Used)

Price per Unit (piece): $6 000.00

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Sony HDW-250

Sony HDW-250 HDCAM Field Recorder.

HDCAM format-superb picture quality and 124 min recording time
The State-of-the-art HD recording technology provides 35 mm film-like picture quality and long
recording times that contributes to lower running costs, 124 minutes from an L cassette and 40
minutes from an S cassette

Excellent operability-familiar operation, compact and lightweight
The HDW-250, a rugged, compact digital HD VTR, has the intuitive Betacam-style of operation
familiar to most operators. It shares its excellent portability, robustness and compact size with the
renowned Digital BETACAM portable VTR

Built-in NTSC analog composite down- converter
To maintain an interface with SDTV equipment, still the major system for most users, a
high-quality NTSC analog composite down-converter is built in as standard. It includes an NTSC
image enhancer function.

Standard HD-SDI interface for
simple connections
The built-in HD-SDI (High Definition Serial
Digital Interface, to the SMPTE 292M
standard)provides a convenient, HD baseband
digital interface with other video
equipment via a single coaxial cable.

Multiple inputs and outputs
for wide-ranging applications
To provide the flexibility required for field
recording, editing, and monitoring in DTV
and SDTV systems, the HDW-250 the following inputs and outputs.
•HD-SDI input and output through a single coaxial cable for a smart system connection
•26-pin camera cable interface
•Analog audio 4-channel inputs and outputs (A to D conversion at 20 bits and D to A at 18 bits)
•1125/525 switchable Ref. Sync input and output
•NTSC analog composite output, with on/off switchable character superimposition

•HD analog Y/Pb/Pr component monitoring output, with on/off switchable character superimposition
Remote control with the RM-B150
The HDW-250 can be remotely controlled from the RM-B150, a new remote controller developed
for the HDW Series. A Sony HD
video camera , connected to the
HDW-250 with an HDCZ-Series 26-
pin camera cable, can also be
controlled from the RM-B150 (optional, not included). This
unique function is useful where
confirmation playback is required
from the HDW-250 in limited access

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